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The history of the first Jet Li as entrepreneurs feature

ring ick on the top of the blue [commercial] characters view view highlights: in 2008,
after the Wenchuan earthquake,
China Times reporter Li Zilan interviewed Jet Li.
This is the first report that sees Jet Li as entrepreneur and leader.
This article provides a new perspective and gives new meaning to Jet Li.
In 2009,
Jet Li joined the China Entrepreneur Club as a social entrepreneur.
The British government definition of social enterprise as a social enterprise is a business organization,
it is the main goal of social objectives,
and its profits should be mainly used to support social goals investment or direct investment to the community,
rather than to maximize the interests of all shareholders and the investing.
David Bernstein,
the author of how to change the world,
defines social entrepreneurs as driven by ideals,
questioning the status quo,
developing new opportunities,
refusing to give up,
and building an ideal world.
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