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Li Xunlei authority why should be anxious, three bursts of text?

ring Chat public lixunlei0722 Author: Li Xunlei this Monday,
peoples Daily published a first quarter trend -- Authorities start to ask about the current economic Chinese the words long article,
this interview the unprecedented high degree of social concern,
that we have the authority to deal fully realized,
compared to May 25th last year,
authorities also in peoples Daily published five questions Chinese economy the degree of concern,
really have a world of difference.
But I found that although the review and interpretation of authoritative articles have been talked about thousands of people,
but really can not read in place.
To this end,
I also join in a lively,
talk about some experience.
Why should authoritative three bursts of text? Perhaps it was because last years Q & A was published in the second edition,
and it was first published in the name of an authoritative person in the party newspaper,
so it didnt attract much attention at first.
in January 4th this year,
authorities a

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