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IPad laser projection virtual keyboard is so cool!

ring he keyboard as an indispensable part of the computer equipment,
in the use of simple and convenient,
but carrying it will have to say is a big drag.
We are often in the sci-fi blockbuster often see that cool scene,
as long as his hands gently,
the future of science and technology fan old enough.
in real life,
can it be like a science fiction movie,
and even the projected light can interact with people? The answer is yes.
Its name is Atongm,
is a super fun laser projection virtual keyboard,
it can be through wireless / Bluetooth / data line with a mobile device or computer connection,
support virtual laser laser projection,
the projection as the keyboard to use in any plane.
It is important to note that the projected surface must be non reflective and opaque.
In addition,
it applies to most mobile devices and computers on the market today,
plug and play,
and does not require separate installation drivers.
In appearance,
the Atongm is small,
half the size of a cigarette case,
and can be easily

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