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Expired makeup ruined face, do not rush to throw

ring last get to open the cans cosmetics shelf life for the public a skill home his own cosmetics line and again found 80% is rubbish.
I made a lot of baby ah,
is always chopping professional owners who did not store a few dozen boxes of cosmetics do not store like naked like wood have a sense of security and a lot of geese,
is bound to hoard idle expired waste too much,
too far away today let BUDLET nouveau riche,
teach you the recipe for treasure! Expired export red lipstick in addition to Vaseline lip gloss fusion variable,
but also to wipe the silver,
the lipstick on a napkin,
repeatedly polished silver,
jewelry or dark place,
it will take on an altogether new aspect,
that youve never heard of it! We recommend hand chop MAC lipstick MAC Ruby woo 170RMB is the first choice of retro color! But a little dry,
so before you paint a layer of lip balm,
and then there is a strong feminine taste ~ high saturation,
there will be Concealer effect,
very suitable for formal occasions,
lasting a whole

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