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A piece of essay that leads to thinking

ring over the Pacific ocean.
Read the following materials and write them on request.
There is a bird that can fly tens of thousands of kilometers across the Pacific Ocean,
and it needs only a small branch.
In flight,
the tree branches the tree in its mouth,
and when it is tired,
it drops the branch on the surface of the water,
and then flies down to the branch to rest for a while.
When it is hungry,
it stands on the branch to catch fish,
and when it is sleepy,
it stands on the branch and goes to sleep.
Who would have thought that the bird had managed to fly across the Pacific,
but only a small branch?.
Just imagine,
if the bird doesnt hold branches,
but the nest and food etc.
all the products,
altogether full with me,
the bird fly up? According to the above material,
the composition requires self - determination,
self - made topics,
optional style (except Poetry),
and should not be separated from the content and meaning of the material.
The composition should be no less than 800 words.
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