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The history of the first Jet Li as entrepreneurs feature

ring ick on the top of the blue [commercial] characters view view highlights: in 2008,
after the Wenchuan earthquake,
China Times reporter Li Zilan interviewed Jet Li.
This is the first report that sees Jet Li as entrepreneur and leader.
This article provides a new perspective and gives new meaning to Jet Li.
In 2009,
Jet Li joined the China Entrepreneur Club as a social entrepreneur.
The British government definition of social enterprise as a social enterprise is a business organization,
it is the main goal of social objectives,
and its profits should be mainly used to support social goals investment or direct investment to the community,
rather than to maximize the interests of all shareholders and the investing.
David Bernstein,
the author of how to change the world,
defines social entrepreneurs as driven by ideals,
questioning the status quo,
developing new opportunities,
refusing to give up,
and building an ideal world.
the business people recommend this article t

Expired makeup ruined face, do not rush to throw

ring last get to open the cans cosmetics shelf life for the public a skill home his own cosmetics line and again found 80% is rubbish.
I made a lot of baby ah,
is always chopping professional owners who did not store a few dozen boxes of cosmetics do not store like naked like wood have a sense of security and a lot of geese,
is bound to hoard idle expired waste too much,
too far away today let BUDLET nouveau riche,
teach you the recipe for treasure! Expired export red lipstick in addition to Vaseline lip gloss fusion variable,
but also to wipe the silver,
the lipstick on a napkin,
repeatedly polished silver,
jewelry or dark place,
it will take on an altogether new aspect,
that youve never heard of it! We recommend hand chop MAC lipstick MAC Ruby woo 170RMB is the first choice of retro color! But a little dry,
so before you paint a layer of lip balm,
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there will be Concealer effect,
very suitable for formal occasions,
lasting a whole

A piece of essay that leads to thinking

ring over the Pacific ocean.
Read the following materials and write them on request.
There is a bird that can fly tens of thousands of kilometers across the Pacific Ocean,
and it needs only a small branch.
In flight,
the tree branches the tree in its mouth,
and when it is tired,
it drops the branch on the surface of the water,
and then flies down to the branch to rest for a while.
When it is hungry,
it stands on the branch to catch fish,
and when it is sleepy,
it stands on the branch and goes to sleep.
Who would have thought that the bird had managed to fly across the Pacific,
but only a small branch?.
Just imagine,
if the bird doesnt hold branches,
but the nest and food etc.
all the products,
altogether full with me,
the bird fly up? According to the above material,
the composition requires self - determination,
self - made topics,
optional style (except Poetry),
and should not be separated from the content and meaning of the material.
The composition should be no less than 800 words.
I dont belie

For the first time in history, apple invested billion

ring ng,
a heavy news detonated drops travel industry,
announced a new round of financing has made important progress,
among them,
the Apple Corp for  billion investment,
is by far the largest single investment drops obtained.
Drops before travel announced to enter the American market at the same time,
they also stressed the need to make good results in the United States,
and to attack the Uber,
do not know whether this feat,
attracted the attention of apple.
The announcement pointed out that Apples investment in the current round of  billion,
is the largest single drop to date access to investment.
For this investment,
Cook said,
drops highlights the spirit of innovation in Chinas iOS developer community.
Bit by bit to create a travel platform and its outstanding management team is amazing,
and they look forward to supporting the long-term development of drops.
Drops data show that the current business covers more than 400 cities in China,
nearly 300 million users,
orders completed

Li Xunlei authority why should be anxious, three bursts of text?

ring Chat public lixunlei0722 Author: Li Xunlei this Monday,
peoples Daily published a first quarter trend -- Authorities start to ask about the current economic Chinese the words long article,
this interview the unprecedented high degree of social concern,
that we have the authority to deal fully realized,
compared to May 25th last year,
authorities also in peoples Daily published five questions Chinese economy the degree of concern,
really have a world of difference.
But I found that although the review and interpretation of authoritative articles have been talked about thousands of people,
but really can not read in place.
To this end,
I also join in a lively,
talk about some experience.
Why should authoritative three bursts of text? Perhaps it was because last years Q & A was published in the second edition,
and it was first published in the name of an authoritative person in the party newspaper,
so it didnt attract much attention at first.
in January 4th this year,
authorities a

IPad laser projection virtual keyboard is so cool!

ring he keyboard as an indispensable part of the computer equipment,
in the use of simple and convenient,
but carrying it will have to say is a big drag.
We are often in the sci-fi blockbuster often see that cool scene,
as long as his hands gently,
the future of science and technology fan old enough.
in real life,
can it be like a science fiction movie,
and even the projected light can interact with people? The answer is yes.
Its name is Atongm,
is a super fun laser projection virtual keyboard,
it can be through wireless / Bluetooth / data line with a mobile device or computer connection,
support virtual laser laser projection,
the projection as the keyboard to use in any plane.
It is important to note that the projected surface must be non reflective and opaque.
In addition,
it applies to most mobile devices and computers on the market today,
plug and play,
and does not require separate installation drivers.
In appearance,
the Atongm is small,
half the size of a cigarette case,
and can be easily

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